The Lee County Medical Society Alliance began in 1945.  We are a Southwest Florida community service organization. We are the spouses of the members of the Lee County Medical Society. Our mission is to work in partnership with the Medical Society to promote health education, identify and address health care needs and issues, encourage involvement in legislative education, and support health related charitable endeavors.

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Great News !

A very gracious group of past presidents have agreed to serve as a presidential committee and work with the newly installed board of directors in order accomplish the work of the alliance in the coming year.

The Presidential Committee, comprised of Lynne Gorovoy, Barbara Rodriguez, Betty Rubenstein, Tami Traiger, Michele Tyson, and Sherri Zucker and me met in May to discuss how to move forward with this structure in place. The general consensus is that we will carry on with the core services and events for the year and pare down the other activities and services just for the coming year.

The calendar was set as follows:

7/30: Board Meeting (at the home of Lynne Gorovoy)
8/1-3: FMA/FMAA Annual Meeting @Rosen Shingle Creek Resort Orlando, FL
9/17: Welcome Brunch
10/7: Board Meeting (at the home of Lynne Gorovoy)
10/25: Potluck in Paradise (at the home of Steve and Jayne West)
12/8: Holiday Party at the Veranda
1/14: Board Meeting (at the home of Lynne Gorovoy)
2/14: Social Event (perhaps a wine tasting or reception)
3/4: Board Meeting (at the home of Lynne Gorovoy)
5/13: Installation

In addition, Lynne Gorovoy will be planning two supper clubs, one in January and one in March. The newsletter will become a one to two page e-mail bulletin.

So, just so we're all on the same page, the leadership roster looks like this:

President: Mary Macchiaroli with the Presidential Committee
Vice President: Robbin Sonn
Treasurer: Jennifer Guadiz
Recording Secretary: Patty Magnant
Corresponding Secretary: Nicole Laquis
Immediate Past President: Jennifer Kim
Newsletter: Mary Macchiaroli

Committee Chairs:
Directory: Tami Traiger
Finance: Jennifer Guadiz and Tami Traiger
FLAMPAC/MD1000 Club: Betty Rubenstein
Legislation: Betty Rubenstein
Membership: Barbara Rodriguez
Supper Club: Lynne Gorovoy
Website: Deborah J Fransway
Welcome Brunch: Michele Tyson, Alice Manuelides, Betty Rubenstein, and Sherri Zucker
Potluck in Paradise: Jayne West

Foundation Committee Chairs:
Fundraiser: Nancy Barrow and Barbara Rodriguez
Holiday Charity Basket: Anne Wittenborn
Medibags: Lynne Gorovoy
Holiday Sharing Card: Sherri Zucker
SAVE: Tami Traiger and Nancy Barrow
Recommended health care website: Sexual products rating. More info

As you can see, we've cut out a lot of meetings (particularly the monthly board meeting) as well as Play Group. Play group had very low participation over the past year which indicated to us that it wasn't an essential service at this time.

We strongly encourage you all to attend the events that will take place and let us know if you would like to take on a leadership position to implement additional services or events in the future.

Also, since the newsletter will be reduced to an e-mail bulletin, please keep me apprised of your e-mail address. If you know of someone not receiving e-mail notices, please let me know.

Thank you! Have a great summer!
Mary Macchiaroli
Cape Coral, FL




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